About The Mannered Mutt

Our Goal

We have one goal:  to help you have the best relationship possible with your dog through effective training.

Every dog and every client is unique, with a distinctive learning style.

Our trainers combine proven techniques that have allowed us to help hundreds of dogs and their best people understand each other better. We can help you create a training program and schedule that will fit your needs and help you reach your goals, too.

We’re also here to take care of your best pal when you can’t. Our boarding and day care services are tailored to pamper and care for your pet as if it were our own, so you can work or travel with peace of mind.

Meet Paulina

Hi guys! I’m Paulina, the owner and trainer here at The Mannered Mutt!

First off, thanks for stopping by the site! Second of all, you’re in the right place for help.

I am many things aside from a dog trainer, but all of them have contributed to making me who I am! I am a wife to the man behind the magic, Kent (more on him later), and the proud owner of four dogs and two cats:


6-year-old Yellow Lab – Ball Master extraordinaire, Cuddle Master, aka Yellow Dog, Smurf, Damnit NO, and Murph Murph.


3-year-old Old English Sheepdog – The baby of the crew and knows it, aka Brinks, Dink Dink, Poo-Poo Head and Woobie.


3-year-old Old English Sheepdog – who thinks he’s funny, but isn’t, aka Coop, COO-PER NO!, Coop-a-Doop, Suuuuuper Cooooper, and last but not least…


10-year-old boxer – The matriarch of the zoo, my sassy old girl, digger, puppy-raiser phenom and THE dog that caused me to NEVER want a puppy again (cue Brinkley 7 years after her.

Our cats are Mike Wazoskitty and Meow-Meow Kitten-Paws and they’re the resident dog testers.

The dog you see me pictured with, well. That’s THE dog that started me on this crazy journey. Chase passed away in September of 2019 – he was and is my inspiration and motivation for becoming a dog trainer.

Through the years, Chase taught me many things, and we grew up together. I am originally from a TINY farming town in southeast Michigan, and in 2009, I packed my parents’ SUV three weeks after getting a job offer and moved across the country with him.

Together, we learned about apartment and city life, cooking on an electric range (still terrible at that), and driving on I-45 in the rain, a million miles from anyone we knew.

He was pushy. Independent. Mostly a gentleman. Willful. Strong. Funny. A total chow hound (with an obsession for Drumstick® ice cream cones). Chase was the kind of dog many people wish they could have, and few ever do.

He is the dog that inspired my training programs…

…so we could offer the same adventures we shared to my clients and their dogs.

In 2012, much to my parents chagrin, I dropped out of college and announced I was going to pursue dog training. Several months later, I graduated as a Master Trainer and began working…and the real education started. That was seven years ago.

Three years after that, I was fortunate to be able to open The Mannered Mutt, I haven’t looked back and can’t imagine doing anything else.

In my free time, I like to spend time at home with Kent and our zoo on our little piece of paradise. Gardenias are my favorite flower, I drink entirely too much coffee (you rarely catch me without a cup in hand), I love to steal away to the beach to camp any chance I get (or anywhere for that matter). I am a house reno show junkie and Joanna Gaines fan, and enjoy talk radio while driving.

That’s my story. And I can’t wait to learn yours.

Paulina, Owner of The Mannered Mutt

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