Our Mutts

Before I met Ms. Paulina they had to keep me in puppy jail.



I’m so stinkin’ cute my mom and dad let me get away with ANYTHING. Now I’m proud to be a Mannered Mutt.



Our Parents

Paulina is excellent! Our four-month-old Corso can sit, stay, lie down, come, and is potty-trained after a two-week session. He stays put until we "free" him and, as he grows, we look forward to more intense training with the best trainer in Montgomery County!

Laure Harrell

If you are looking a full service 5 star training program for your dog then look no further than The Mannered Mutt. We took our rescue dog Rusty there for the 2 week training course and our expectations were exceeded. He learned a lot while there and the results were immediate upon our return home. We were able to "place" him on his mat for an entire dinner party and he did not move from his mat until we gave him the "free" command. And when we returned two months later to board him for a week he recognized that he was back at TMM and he was over the top excited when we entered the office. This told us he had a wonderful time during his training. You can' t ask for much better than that. We highly recommend TMM.

Mike C.

The Mannered Mutt has done an amazing job with my dog, Harvey. Harvey came in with basic obedience, but had so much energy, he was unwilling to listen. Harvey developed poor behaviors when interacting with other dogs, so I avoided taking him to places where other dogs would be. Paulina and staff not only got Harvey to listen much better, but I no longer have to worry about potential dog fights. Harvey now heels off leash and comes when called. He is also much calmer at home. I would recommend The Mannered Mutt to anyone. I would like to point out that even if your dog is no longer at the facility, Paulina will continue to treat you like a lifetime customer. You are not just getting training, but lifetime guidance. Thank you, Mannered Mutt.

Katherine P.

From puppy to adult, I've got a Mannered Mutt! Paulina has helped me with my pup since he was eight weeks old! I will continue to train with her as long as she is training and I look forward to seeing how mannered my mutt can be! I definitely recommend her to anyone with pups of all ages!


We adopted our Dixie from the shelter when she was 10 years old. She went from being extremely high-maintenance to extremely low maintenance. If we face additional challenges, or have any training needs, we will always count on The Mannered Mutt!

Kenni-Richelle Ramirez

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