Taking the Puppy Plunge: Three Crucial Questions

We’ve all been there, you’re out in the park and then you spot it. This sweet little one is teeny-tiny, wide-eyed, smiling from ear to ear, and is just about the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. Suddenly you’re flooded with the intense desire to bring a little one into your life.

No, this isn’t baby fever, it’s puppy fever.

But getting a dog, especially a puppy, is not a casual commitment, and frankly, it’s not the right choice for everyone. So, before you take the puppy plunge, here are a few things to ask yourself to know if you’re really ready.

  1. Have I done the research?

    You need to find a dog that fits your lifestyle. Look online, talk to vets, and check with other dog owners to get a sense of what might be the best fit. Ask yourself, what kind of dog will be a match for your activity level, work schedule, home and yard size, temperament, and any other pets or kids you have or may have one day? Researching the right breed will undoubtedly take time, but rushing this important process could end with a frustrating and mismatched relationship where neither you nor your dog are happy. Also, be sure to research updated care techniques, especially anything breed-specific, like caring for a common health issue that they may encounter in their lives.

  2. Can I afford it?

    The purchase price or adoption fees may be the first expenses, but they are far from the last. Food, toys, crates, leashes, vaccinations, neutering or spaying, training, and grooming are just a few of the routine costs, not to mention unexpected vet visits and occasional boarding when you need to go out of town. This certainly isn’t to say that only the affluent should have dogs, but if you’re going to bring one into your home you need to be willing to sacrifice and budget around these new expenditures.

  3. Do I have the time?

    Do you have the time to give it plenty of attention and exercise? Do you have the time to socialize a puppy in places like dog parks or in classes? Do you have the time to get your new dog the proper training it needs to follow instruction and be obedient? Most importantly, do you have the time to keep and raise this dog for the entirety of their life? It could be 10 years, it could be 20—you need to be in it for the long haul, even when they’re no longer the same adorable and smiley puppy that you first brought home.

Once you’ve really thought this through, if you’ve decided that a puppy is indeed the right choice your home, then give us a call at 936.228.7583 and ask about our Puppy Manners training package. We’ll instill the very best manners right from the start and make sure that your new best friend is the BEST kind of addition to your life.

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