Training FAQ

12 weeks, with all vaccinations completed.

In our board and train programs, clients come to a 45minute weekly training session WHILE your dog is with us, and in our private training programs our trainers will meet with you on a weekly basis.

It is allowed but not recommended. Visits can be disruptive to your dogs learning, as it allows opportunity for them to revert back to old habits. It IS advised that visits be kept to only the training sessions with your trainer during their stay. This will help build a healthy dynamic between dog and owner and limit the opportunity to practice old behaviors.

We guarantee your dog will complete their program having achieved the goals set for them. Training requires daily maintenance and commitment. If you do not reinforce your dogs new skills, they will lose them. We offer lifetime support to our clients to help ensure their success, BUT we cant want it more than you do.

Call or email the facility to select an available date, complete and return your dogs reservation paperwork as well as their reservation deposit, and finally a copy of their vaccination record showing currency of rabies, dhpp and bordetella.

Reservations are NOT confirmed without a deposit on file. Training availability is based on a received & confirmed reservation deposit.

We require a 50% deposit to enroll your dog into training. The balance is due at the completion of your dogs program at pick up.

We offer a complimentary consultation to help select the best fit for your dog and you. If you are unsure, just reach out and one of our highly trained staff will happily assist you in selecting the best program.

FOOD: Please bring your dog’s food in individual, pre-portioned baggies. This allows us to ensure we are giving enough food each feeding and that they have enough for their stay. Keep in mind, dogs here are BUSY! They spend a lot of their days very active and may need a little extra food. We recommend sending at least 3-4 days’ worth of extra just in case.

You may also bring a sealable container of food as well.
NO bags of food please. They are difficult to close all the way and invite ants and other critters into the facility.
Should you forget your dog’s food – NO WORRIES! We are happy to feed our kennel food at an additional charge ($5.00/day), however, this abrupt change may cause tummy upset that may require treatment.
BEDDING: You may bring one item from home for your dog such as a blanket, towel, crate pad, t-shirt, etc. Please DO NOT bring oversized beds. Items must be able to fit inside our washing machine.
Please refrain from bringing additional belongs.

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