Why Every Dog Needs Training

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Why Every Dog Needs Training

Some people think of dog training as a task that’s only necessary if your dog is involved in service or therapy work, or if you want to take them on the dog show circuit. And while these dogs do need extensive training…

…the average pet (and their owner) receives numerous benefits from the training process.

  1. Eliminate problem behaviors
    We all know our dogs are our best friends, but it’s pretty difficult to be friends with someone who always trashes your house or ditches you when you go out. Urinating or defecating inside, aggression, barking, chewing and destroying your belongings, jumping on visitors, and bolting off whenever you attempt walks are issues that won’t just resolve on their own. In fact, the longer your dog exhibits these behaviors, the more ingrained into their routines these behaviors become.

    Positive, structured training is essential to curb bad habits as early as possible. The most common age for a dog to end up in a shelter is during adolescence—this is almost always the result of the dog becoming too much for the owner to handle because they were never properly trained when they were still more manageable puppies.

  1. Enhance your bond
    One of the biggest keys to successful training is to create a strong link between you and your pet. It needs to be built on mutual trust, with the dog developing a solid foundation of respect for you. With respect comes an eagerness to please and an invaluable sense of pride from your dog for a job well done.

    By going through this process together and learning to trust each other, you’ll end up closer than ever.

  1. Keep them safe
    Dogs instinctually want to explore, play, and socialize, but this urge is often incompatible with the sometimes dangerous world they find themselves in. Proper leash training keeps them from lunging and potentially breaking free of your grip into traffic or toward less-friendly animals. Off-leash training will also teach your dog to stop with your voice command to quickly avert disaster.
  1. Just make life easier
    Dogs need to leave the house. Even if you’re a homebody, you will still need to take them on regular walks (see above), and even minor socializing means going out and having them meet new people and animals or having guests come into your home. Your life will become a lot more complicated if your dog picks fights with other dogs at the park or jumps up on every visitor who comes to see you.

Vet visits, grooming, having them as a traveling companion, or boarding them are all basic parts of being a pet owner, and all can be made easier when your dog is properly trained.

So even if you don’t have any grand plans for your pooch and just want your dog to be a dog, everyone is happier and better off with the skills needed to make sure your best friend is someone you actually want to be around for the long haul.

From Puppy Manners to more advanced treatment for severe behavioral problems, the Mannered Mutt can help with all your training needs. Contact us to set up your appointment today!

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